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    Master’s Degree in Manufacturing Engineering System , UPM
    Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) UIAM
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    Robotics, Manufacturing Process, Engineering Design, STEM Early Education.

Nadya binti Abdullah, holds a Master’s Degree in Manufacturing Engineering System from University Putra Malaysia and Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) from International Islamic University Malaysia. She is a member of Board of Engineers Malaysia since the last 5 years. Nadya joined the Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sendirian Berhad – an automotive company with Daihatsu as the parent company in 2007 then pursuing lecturing and research with UNISEL until now. She started her carreer in PERODUA in 2007 as an engineer attached in Research & Development Division under the Engineering Design (Body) Department.
     During her work, she involved in part design specially made of plastic part and develops the part for exclusive exterior body parts. Some models that she involves are for VIVA (Elite), new MYVI (Elegance), new MYVI (Extreme) and MYVI SE model. She responsible on parts such as covered Rear Spoiler, garnish backdoor, plate backdoor name, fender liner, door handle, door lock, windshield, rear and front glass and etc. During development process, she have to work together with local vendor such as IQM, HILL, Tech Outlook, Sipro, Hicom Teck See, and etc in order for highlighted issue or countermeasure proposes. She also must allies with others departments such as styling, testing, QC, QRE, production line (assembly), procument and vendor, cost planning project planning and many more department in design and development stage. First, engineering design has to manage Part cost; in term of part weight calculation, material consumption, process verification for every part under her supervision. Then she with project planning has to prepare Schedule and monitor during design& development stage. The main task for design engineer is to do 3D making & checking; she has to design &study engineering feasibility; design check list; regulation check list and technical drawing during the designing stage. Then, for development stage she must master the Manufacturing Process skill knowledge such as plastic injection process, blow molding process, thermoforming process & vacuum forming process mostly done at the vendor factories. Then after part been made, it involve in related testing, part fitting, and part installation which need a lot of countermeasure and technical skill in manufacturing process. This will correlate with a lot of related design & development documentation such as engineering sheet design, design concept sheet, problem sheet (monren), engineering change request, localization part testing list and etc. Last stage is the line trial stage where all engineers will do assembly trial before the model being launched. The most selling fast model was Myvi which PERODUA can afford to pay 7 month bonus to all staff.

     During her 5 years tenure as a lecturer in UNISEL attached in Mechatronics Division under Faculty of Engineering, she is always in a full spirit lecturing in Robot Technology, Robot Automation, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Workshop Electronic, Electrical Technology, Applied Mechanics, Theory Circuit, Mechanical and Electrical Building system, Automation Lab, Physics, Mathematics and Social Work Skill subject. She was also responsible as a head of marketing and publication portfolio in Engineering Faculty, taking the challenge to instill the interest of Science, Technology and Engineering to all public. Annual marketing events and project such as engineering activities, booth, games, talk and pamphlets during UNISEL Open Day, motorsports exhibitions, Projek Wakaf Gazebo to buid 10 gazebo in 10 secondary schools in Selangor, CATIA ( 3D drawing used in industry) and Arduino (microcontroller) workshop to schools, Gempur SPM in all Selangor schools, and expose UNISEL students with community service in Pusat Wanita Berdaya, the activities such as helping single mother manage spa, open bakery, plants vegetable for community, sewing classes, tuition, prepare internet facilities, and also children corner. In addition, she have to involve in road tour marketing activities such as Jom Masuk U, Karnival MARA, school event in UNISEL, school visit activities, career talk, activities with polytechnic such water environment engineering. , She was also part of university task force strategic planning, planning faculty master courses in engineering management; planning in diploma aircraft maintenance program; previously handle the industrial liaison activities; student alumni; thesis coordinator; student academic advisor and supervisor for student final year project. Her students project ‘Animatronic Robotic Arm’ won medal in Selangor Education Innovation Competition and presented in International Invention and Innovation Design. Her first paper Design and Development of New Debris Strainer in Water Treatment Plant was presented in IEEE-IRIS 2015 and had been published in Elsavier index publication. She is one of the member in research team, just finished research & development of fuel System for Two Stroke Internal Combustion Engine Application grant project under UNISEL. Now, she continues her grant project research on Smart Classroom. UNISEL has taught her to be role model to the next generation that will lead the world especially the younger generation (age 3-9 years old). As a contribution to community, she and her Mechatronics team serve the best could in giving Arduino Workshop, a robotic workshop to high school students.

     With nearly 10 years of working experience- both in industries and education sectors, Nadya is more than ready to take any challenges and responsibilities locally or internationally.
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