Diploma in Environmental Health

  • Environmental health comprising those aspects of human health, including quality of life, that are determined by physical, chemical, biological, social and psycho-social factors in the environment’. It is related to the maintenance of human quality of life, which includes food safety, air and water quality, pollution, disease control and waste management. In addition, environmental health has an important role in environmental law and enforcement, workplace health and safety, housing and public health education and promotion.

  • At the end of this programme, students should be able to:

    • Demonstrate and apply advanced level knowledge in environmental health.
    • Assess and analyze issues of environmental health in workplaces and the community as well as construct and recommend pragmatic preventive and corrective measures.
    • Demonstrate sensitivities and responsibilities towards the community, culture and environment; as well as to train employees, advice employers, and educate the community on environmental health field.
    • Adhere to the legal, ethical and professional code of conduct in environmental health.
    • Present information and findings coherently; effectively communicate with peers, healthcare professionals, stakeholders and the community at large; demonstrate leadership, interpersonal and social skills; as well as collaborate with other healthcare professionals.
    • Apply evidence based scientific principles in identifying and analyzing environmental health problems as well as in providing solutions and ideas to improve the environmental health issues; and participate in research related to environmental health.
    • Utilize computer technology and information management systems to enhance their practice; and apply lifelong learning skills and principles in academic and career development.
    • Coordinate daily activities relating to environmental health; apply broad business and real world perspectives in the workplace and everyday activities; and demonstrate entrepreneurial skills in their practice.
  • Diploma in Environmental Health is a three years program including six months professional placement. The first five semesters, students are exposing to the public health, environmental protection, food safety, legal procedures and occupational safety and health. The last semester, students are placed to undergo practicum attachment at various institutions and establish in the health care industry to expose themselves in practical on field including sampling procedure and legal enforcement. In addition to the overriding themes, operational skills are essential for Environmental health Practitioner. The course focuses on the particular areas such as communication and teamwork.

    Practical Attachment

    Student will be attached in local authorities and government agency then work closely in the areas of public health, licensing, vector and pest control, food safety and quality, promotion units, legal affairs and urbanization. At the end of the professional placement, the students will be able to demonstrate their ability to apply environmental health solution based approach and taking into account the impacts to human and environment. Successful completion of the professional placement year allows the award of a Diploma in Environmental Health upon graduation.

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    Pass SPM or equivalent with FIVE (5) credits including the following subjects:

    • Mathematics
    • 1 Science subject (Biology/Physics/Chemistry/General Sciences/Applied Science)
    • Any 3 other subjects
    • Pass Bahasa Malaysia & English

    GCE/O-Level or equivalent with FIVE credits (Grade C) in the following subjects:

    • English
    • Mathematics
    • 1 Science subject (Biology/Physics/Chemistry/General Sciences/Applied Science); and
    • Any other 2 subjects
      Proficiency in English (Required for those whose medium of instruction is no in English language.)

    Pass International English Language Testing Services (IELTS) with a minimum of 5.5 or

    Test of English as a foreign language (TOEFL) with a minimum of 550

    RM 35,475 RM 47,030
  • Public Sector

    • Local Authorities
    • Institutions of Higher Education
    • District Health Office
    • Ministry of Housing and Local Government
    • Solid waste management and public cleansing

    Private Sector

    • Environmental consultant
    • Food industries
    • Health care industries
    • Environment Organization (Private Bodies / International)
    • Pest control companies
  • HS304-Diploma Kesihatan Persekitaran KPT-JPS (R-862-4-0006) A7157


    Mr. Nasarudin Bin Abdul Rahman 22/05/2015-21/05/2017 -Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Health Science UiTM
    -Head of Learning Centre (KPP) Health Science Program e-PJJ
    Academic Advisor
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