Diploma in Nursing

  • This program trains students in the nursing field to become Registered Nurses, certified and approved by the Malaysian Nursing Board. The program lays a broad foundation of theory, knowledge and clinical applications thereof. The balance between learning the appropriate techniques and knowledge and practicing them is split exactly 50/50, while students will also learn to develop critical thinking and sharpen their soft skills, too.

  • At the end of this programme, students should be able to:

    • Demonstrate and apply advanced level knowledge in environmental health.
    • Assess and analyze issues of environmental health in workplaces and the community as well as construct and recommend pragmatic preventive and corrective measures.
    • Demonstrate sensitivities and responsibilities towards the community, culture and environment; as well as to train employees, advice employers, and educate the community on environmental health field.
    • Adhere to the legal, ethical and professional code of conduct in environmental health.
    • Present information and findings coherently; effectively communicate with peers, healthcare professionals, stakeholders and the community at large; demonstrate leadership, interpersonal and social skills; as well as collaborate with other healthcare professionals.
    • Apply evidence based scientific principles in identifying and analyzing environmental health problems as well as in providing solutions and ideas to improve the environmental health issues; and participate in research related to environmental health.
    • Utilize computer technology and information management systems to enhance their practice; and apply lifelong learning skills and principles in academic and career development.
    • Coordinate daily activities relating to environmental health; apply broad business and real world perspectives in the workplace and everyday activities; and demonstrate entrepreneurial skills in their practice.
  • The programme will take 3 years or 6 semesters for full-time basis that will commence in January and August of the year. This duration is inclusive of clinical attachment at designated hospital and clinic which has been identified by the MOH and endorsed by the Malaysian Nursing Board. Students of this Nursing Programme will study Health Sciences, Behavioral Science and also Nursing Sciences to become a qualified, competent and safe nurse.

    The Aim of Diploma Nursing Program in UNISEL is to nurture and produce knowledgeable, competent and confident nursing graduates, registered with the Malaysian Nursing Board, to become committed, dedicated, caring and capable of providing a safe professional nursing care to the wide variety of clinical situation which may arise in the current practice of nursing management.Vision to be a centre of excellence in training professional nurses towards the wellness of society through assimilation of quality teaching and training, dissemination of knowledge, social consciousness and accountability.

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    Pass SPM or Equivalent with FIVE (5) credits including the following subjects:


    • Bahasa Melayu
    • Mathematics (Elementary or Additional or Modern)

    Either one (1) of the credits below:

    • General science
    • Biology
    • Physics and Pass in Biology
    • Chemistry and Pass in Biology

    Credit in two (2) other subjects.

    Pass English

    Pass SPM or Equivalent with five (5) credits:


    • Mathematics (Elementary or Additional or Modern)

    Either one (1) of the credits below:

    • General science
    • Biology
    • Physics and Pass in Biology
    • Chemistry and Pass in Biology

    Credit in three (3) other subjects.

    A pass in International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with an Overall Band Score of minimum 5.5


    Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

    • TOEFL Paper Based Test (TEOFL PBT) a minimum score 515
    • TOEFL Computer Based Test (TEOFL PBT) a minimum score 215
    • TOEFL Internet Based Test (TEOFL PBT) a minimum score 80

    Able to converse in Bahasa Melayu

    RM 44,949 RM 55,765
    • A qualified graduate will be sitting for Registration Examination conducted by Malaysian Nursing Board (Lembaga Jururawat Malaysia,LJM) in order to be given License to practice as a Professional Nurse.
    • Professional Nurses have a choice to specialize in various fields such as Midwifery, Pediatrics, Cardiothoracic, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Medical and Surgical, Gerontology, Emergency & Traumatology, Renal, Oncology, Maternal Child Health, Public health and many more. Overall, demand for professionally trained and qualified nurses is higher in Malaysia even than elsewhere in the world. At least 130,000 nurses need to be trained by year 2020 to meet WHO’s nurse-to-patient ratio (1:200).

    HS307-Diploma Kejururawatan KPT-JPS (R725-4-0011) A7153

    Dr. Aini Binti Ahmad 01/05/2012-30/4/2014 Senior Lecturer Open University Malaysia Academic Advisor
  • Khairul Mazzura Binti Mansor

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