Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering


Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering is a three year programme that requires 99 credit hours in five areas of disciplines that cover Robotics, Automation, Manufacturing, Instrumentation and Control Systems. The courses are well integrated into the programme, stressing on a systematic building of knowledge and skills. There is an appropriate balance between theory and practice in order to produce competent graduates. Students are involved in the application of the latest industrial equipments and techniques. Final year students are also required to undertake an industry related project and will undergo industrial training.

  • Outcomes

    The Engineering Department is committed to produce;
    PEO1 graduates who are able to apply relevant engineering fundamentals and technical knowledge in professional practice.
    PEO2 graduates who are competent in specialised engineering disciplines with multi-tasking and effective communication skills.
    PEO3 graduates who practice life-long learning, highly ethical, professional and environmentally conscious.
    PEO4 graduates with entrepreneurship skills, who can function as leaders as well as good team players.


    Domains PLO No. PLO Statement
    At the end of the programme, students should be able:
    Knowledge PLO 1 to apply comprehensive knowledge of fundamental engineering including mathematics and sciences.
    PLO 2 to demonstrate basic knowledge in core engineering disciplines.
    PLO 3 to identify, formulate, analyze and solve core engineering problems.
    PLO 4 to apply design concepts in the engineering problems
    Skill PLO 5 to conduct experiment, handle engineering tools and interpret data necessary for engineering practices.
    PLO 6 to communicate effectively in written and oral form.
    PLO7 to function and be productive in a team and apply entrepreneurship skills to meet global challenges.
    Attitude PLO 8 to be professional and ethical in their practice in serving towards environment and society.
    PLO 9 to recognize and possess the capability to embark on lifelong learning,acquiring information and seeking knowledge either formally or,informally.

  • Programme Description

    Intake = January / June / August
    Duration = 3 Years

  • Programme Structure

  • Entry Requirement

    • Passed Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) / Sijil Pelajaran Vokasional (SPMV) with at least 3 credits including Mathemathics and 1 other Sciences/Technical/Vokasional subject;


    • Passed Certificate in related field from PPT recognized by Malaysian Government with minimum CGPA 2.00;


    • Passed other qualification that organized by Malaysian Government.

  • Tuition Fees

    LOCAL – RM 21,025

  • Career Prospect

    In today’s workplace, employers are looking for individuals who possess the ability to anticipate and exceed their customer’s needs and deliver quality service as well as technical skills. Graduates of Mechatronics Engineering are highly in demand in a wide variety of industries as well as the commercial sector.

    With the breadth of knowledge and skills they acquire from the various engineering disciplines, diploma holders will be in great demand as the industry continues to move into a higher level of production technology. The training obtained from the Mechatronics course’s multi-disciplinary nature will add versatility to the diploma holder’s capabilities.

    Entry level for diploma holders is in the capacity of Technical Assistants or Assistant Engineers. In the area of Mechatronics Engineering, career opportunities are reflective to the highly automated manufacturing advancements.

    There is also great demand in the marketing and sales areas of technical products where you could be employed as Sales Engineers doing marketing and sales of technical products.

    Basic expected starting monthly salary is around RM1,300 – RM2400.

  • Professional Recognition

    Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) [KPT/JPS (R2/521/0020)01/2021]

  • Head of Programme

    Zulkifli Bin Abd Rahman

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