Science & Biotechnology

Untitled-4Biotechnology has become an integral part of modern agriculture, health care and the food industry. Many scientists have ventured extensively into genetic engineering to enhance the productivity of plants, crops and fisheries. In recent years however, the scope of biotechnology has further developed to cover related fields such as pharmaceuticals as well as nutraceuticals.

The Deparment of Sciences & Biotechnology  was established in Unisel in view of the potentials that biotechnology and life sciences possess. It is one aspect of science and technology which gives Malaysia a competitive edge due to its vast biodiversity and complexity in life sciences.

At the department, you will discover new experiences in a dynamic and supportive environment. Your understanding and horizons will be broadened, and above all, you will discover the creative and liberating power of new ideas and insights. We will ensure you that you will acquire the personal skills and knowledge that you really need.

At present, the Science & Biotechnology department offers 9 programmes as follows;

  1. Bachelor of Bioinformatics (Hons)
  2. Bachelor of Biotechnology Industry (Hons)
  3. Bachelor of Environmental Science (Hons) Biodiversity and Conservation
  4. Bachelor of Science (Hons) Industrial Technology
  5. Bachelor of Science (Hons) Mathematics with Statistics
  6. Diploma in Aquaculture
  7. Diploma in Biotechnology Industries
  8. Diploma in Industrial Technology
  9. Diploma in Quantitative Science



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